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Team Schedules

The website for Team Schedules is located at: schedules.scc-ems.us. It uses the Google Calendar system to allow anyone to view the schedules prepared by the teams on their particular duty day. The concept is pretty easy but implementing it can be tricky. Listed below are some resources to help you get your team schedule available for public viewing.

Only authorized users with "editor" access to the team calendars can actually make or change the schedules. If you are an authorized user and are having problems, contact it-support for assistance. If you are not an authorized user but need to be, ask your team captain to request it through it-support.

There are four steps in the process.
  1. Build and publish the team schedule document for the specific duty day and copy the URL
  2. Create the calendar event HTML string using the the URL from step 1
  3. Paste the HTML string from step 2 in the the calendar event description for the specific duty day
  4. Test your work by going to the specific duty day on the Team Schedule page 
Here are some reference pages:

Tutorial on editing team calendar schedules
(Note: see attachment at end of this page to download the tutorial as a PDF file)

Instructions for making event description HTML entry

How to create a missing calendar event
Subpages (1): CreateMissingDay
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Jun 11, 2009, 2:24 AM