Adding, Changing or Updating squad computer systems accounts

The squad currently has two systems requiring authenticated user accounts. The first is hosted by the Google Applications domain It supports our website, email, and document sharing to name a few. You must have an account on this domain to receive squad email or to be able to create and share documents and/or webpages. You can view webpages and documents without having an account. The second is our internal fileserver which supports sharing off office documents (word, excel, access, powerpoint) and provides reliable local storage for authenticated systems hosted on the squads internal network. You must have an email account on the Google Applications domain to get an account on the fileserver.

Accounts for squad members may be requested (or changed) by any squad supervisor or administrator. Simply fill out a form and your request will be forwarded to IT-Support. When the account has been created or changed you will be notified. New users may be required to read and agree to IT security, privacy policies and use policies.